On the flight down to the Super Bowl, Joe was examining the diamond brooch he had bought for his mother, Rose. He discovered that it had 12 diamonds in it.

Joe, "12 diamonds... My number is 12, and we're playing on the twelfth.
This has got to be an omen."

A Cosmic Connection

"The Jets winning Super Bowl 3 on my 12th birthday was the best present a kid from Queens could have! This site is my return present and thank you to Joe and the Jets. The galleries document the history of their journey through art and photography. Happy 60 Joe! Go Jets!"

Rose Namath, "I'm not one to believe in numbers or magic, but the game was played on the 12th, and Joe wore #12. That had to be a good sign, didn't it?"

A day after the Super Bowl, back in New York, in the Governor's suite of a local hotel, a bouquet of roses awaited Joe Namath's return. Lou Michaels of the Colts had ordered a local florist to deliver them that afternoon as a funeral joke on Joe.
Michaels was on the wrong end of the omen factor. 12 diamonds in the brooch, #12 on Joe's jersey, Jan 12th, and now 12 victory roses.

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